favorite moments: nobuta wo produce (episode 4)

I’m watching Nobuta wo Produce for the second time, and I’ve forgotten how freaking awesome it is, episode 4 particularly. This is the episode where Nobuko is forced to confess to Shuuji, and he has to decide whether to accept (pour flowers) or reject (dump water) her proposal. At this point in the drama they’re more or less friends so he doesn’t want to embarrass her, but he also doesn’t want to give up his own popularity for her sake. He plainly admits this fact to himself, though not to Akira or Nobuko. In the end there is a last minute change in “confessee” so he doesn’t have to make the decision after all, but later in the episode this is revealed…

water – flower – water – flower

Nobuko accidentally ends up with Shuuji’s notebook and discovers the “ladder game” he did to make the decision for him. It’s the equivalent to flipping a coin. This page shows that he got ‘flower,’ but it was only after pages and pages of repeated ‘water’ results. T________T

in the previous pages he got ‘water’ SIX times ;~;

This scene is so well done. It’s touching, but not cheesy. It’s subtle, but the message is loud and clear: SHUUJI IS A REAL NAMJA. When I first watched this drama I thought this was the beginning of a love arc between him and Nobuko so I was a little sad when it didn’t turn out that way, but watching it a second time I still love it because either way it shows that he cares for her, enough to throw away his own popularity. ♥

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